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AMD Delays Introduction of

Advanced Micro Devices, the world's second largest supplier of x86 central processing units (CPUs), will delay introduction of chips that feature both general purpose as well fitflops toronto as graphics processing cores to 2011.

Instead of releasing its chips thayt combine both x86 generalpurpose processing fitflops canada cores with graphics processing cores in 2009 or 2010, AMD decided to release them in 2011, five years after acquisition of ATI cheap fitflop sandals Technologies, the company said at a meeting with financial analysts in New York.

The first accelerated processing fitflops autstralia sale units (APUs) the term AMD uses to describe its CPUGPU chips will be codenamed Llano and Ontario. The former fitflops clearance Lllano will feature four cores, 4MB of cache, graphics processing engine and DDR3 memory controller; the latter Ontario cheap fitflop sandals will sport two cores, 1MB of cache and DDR3 memory controller. The Llano will be targeted at mainstream desktop fitflops sale market segment, whereas the latter will be aimed at ultraportable notebooks.

AMD decided not to disclose any peculiarities buy fitflops of the new CPUs' microarchitecture.

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LowPerformance of AMD Microprocessors May Be Conditioned fitflop uk by Poor BIOS. Finnish Enthusiast Manages to Boost AMD Piledriver SuperPi Score by Tweaking the BIOS


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